Paul Koch was born on Long Island, New York. "Having spent my youth by the sea has given me a sense of adventure and endless energy. Many of the works I produce have the feel of the sea and the constant waves coming to give their energy to the land."

Paul came to the Midwest in 1969 after serving in Viet Nam. The quality of life and the open spaces of the area were the lures that appealed most to Paul and his wife Carol Jean. He spent many years working as an artist in Omaha, Nebraska. Painting and printmaking were his mediums of choice. During this time, up until 1988, Paul had many one-man shows and won awards in local and national competitions.

In 2002 the desire to return to the creative life called to him. Paul built his studio by the Jordan Creek and expanded his medium to include pottery and ceramic sculpture.

"The technical challenges of pottery are energizing and the tactile feel of the clay is a new experience for me. Not being removed from my medium by a brush or other tool is very refreshing."

All of the work is made by hand in Macedonia Iowa, by Paul Koch and his wife Carol Jean Koch. We love the craft and the joy of living in rural Iowa.

All pieces that are intended for food are glazed with certified food safe glazes. We use several different types of clay depending on the use of the piece. Most pieces are fired in a wood/gas fueled kiln reaching temperatures of 2,400 degrees.

We built the kiln in 2004. Usually we fire 4 times a year. All of our work is guaranteed to be free of flaws and defects. We guarantee that if you are not satisfied we will refund the cost of the product.

Paul's Artist Statement

"Uniqueness is driven by the creative energy that is a spiritual gift given to every human being. How we choose to express this gift is something each person decides for themselves. I've been fortunate to have been given this environment to work in and the talent to create art. I give thanks each day for these gifts. The clay and elements from the earth the air and fire that cure them are celebrated in the work of the potter.

Paul Koch

These words were written by an anonymous crafts person:

"It is a popular misconception, that to follow a traditional route is a safe and easy option. The skills presented by the master craftspeople of the past, set an extraordinarily high standard to which the contemporary maker must aspire. To seek to find one's own distinctive voice amongst many who are using the same language, is a challenge that I take upon myself each and every day."

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